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Stablecoin background

Algorithmic stablecoins are a world unto themselves, but before diving in, it’s worth taking a step back and surveying the broader stablecoin landscape. (Readers who are already well-acquainted with stablecoins might skim or skip this section.)

Overshadowed by Bitcoin’s snowballing institutional adoption, DeFi’s sweltering summer, and Ethereum’s impending network upgrade…

We are happy to announce the Genesis Event for Fatcash — Our Algorithm Stablecoin.

What is Fatcash?

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FAC Distribution

The genesis distribution of FAC will be available to users who deposit any of the below tokens.

There are 2 kinds of pools: K-Rewards Pool and F-Rewards Pool.

F — Rewards Pool: FAT/BUSD LPs token staking pool.

This is the Exclusive pool…

The Public Sale date is close, and Fatfi will open it public sale on GUM Pad. Here is what you need to check once again before participate in our Public Sale.

1. Prepare your BSC wallet.

In order to participate in the IDO, users must have a BSC wallet, and sufficient amount of BNB (BEP-20)…

Welcome Onboard: Dr Thang Huynh as our Advisor.

Today, we are more than honored to announce that Dr. Thang Huynh, CRO of Kardiachain, joined Fatfi Family as our Advisor.

Dr. Huynh is a postdoctoral researcher at RWTH Aachen University. Prior to this position, he was a S.E.W Assistant Professor in…

The important date is here!! The whitelist for Fatfi IDO on GUM Pad has now officially ended. The registration process was a blast, with over 170,200+ whitelist requests. Our Fatfi family growth tremendously during the process, with over 18,600 Twitter followers and 15,000 Telegram members.

This showed us how much…

We are more than excited to announce our first IDO on GUM Pad: Fatfi — DeFi Services Hub with Algorithm Stablecoin.

The token sale will be made in the form of Gum Holder Offering with 2 pools, as explained below.

1. GUM Holders Pool

The first pool will be for the top 50 GUM…

We are delighted to announce that we are diving into the next phases of our public distribution process on GUMPad. In the same essence, we are opening our first phase of Whitelisting for community members. …

Welcome onboard: MoonWhale Ventures

It is our honor to announce, that MoonWhale Ventures is officially on board as early supporter/investor.

Moonwhale Ventures focuses on the venture, incubation, and acceleration of crypto projects to help them launch with a secure foundation. Their portfolio includes Avalanche, Celsius Network, Snowswap, and Orion.

Our investors and strategic…

Since the Algorithm Stable Coin revolution, the game had changed. Everything you had known about DEFI Yield Farming is “Inflation”, “Impermanent Loss”. …

Welcome onboard: OPW Ventures

It is our honor to announce, that OPW Ventures is officially on board as early supporter/investor.

Being famous by invest in new, emerging DeFi Startups such as Unilend, Tomochain, Kylin, Polkastarter etc…, OPW Ventures is set to bring the assistance needed for entrepreneurs to create…


Fatfi is a DeFi Ecosystem, with Algorithmic Stablecoin forked from Basis Cash protocol, with extra services.

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